Get Listed

We really owe it to everyone thinking of buying a home in a traditional neighborhood to be sure that the people and the places listed here are the right ones… so there are several things we're looking for if you're interested in being listed:


We'll add more great old traditional neighborhoods because we know so many of them so well, but if you're the founder of a new town or neighborhood, we might not know as much about your place, so please tell us! Specifically, tell us who designed your place, and what they know about the New Urbanism. Also, what are you doing to make sure that what gets built is true to the original vision? Do you use a Town Architect or a pattern book, for example?

Obviously, you need to be far enough along in the development process that you're selling lots or houses, otherwise there's no point being listed. If you are, and if we're all on the same page as to what you're building, then we'd be happy to list your place here. The $100 neighborhood listing fee is renewable annually.


If you're a realtor who knows both old and new traditional neighborhoods, then let's talk! More precisely, we're looking for real estate professionals who know and sell the many benefits of living in sustainable traditional neighborhoods that are compact, mixed-use, and walkable. Time and again, realtors selling on these ideals have discovered they are able to pull themselves out of the location/cost per foot/bells & whistles rat race.

The old neighborhoods where you're selling are probably open markets now, with the original founders long gone. But because the founders are still selling in the new neighborhoods, we ask that you talk to them to make sure that you know the ropes of their places before we list you here. Once you do, then we're happy to list you for an annually renewable fee of $20 for each neighborhood you choose.

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