Alys Beach

Alys Beach is the third great paradigm of Design Coast architecture. Seaside set the first with its pastel clapboard buildings, and Rosemary Beach defined the second in deeper-hued wood upper levels set upon stuccoed masonry pedestals. …

Key West Old Town

Key West is my favorite vacation getaway location, and I already live at the center of the vacation paradise that is South Beach. Many of Key West's charming clapboard cottages date to the 19th century, even thougth the town has weathered many hurricanes over the intervening years. …

Rosemary Beach

Rosemary Beach was the second great town of Florida's Design Coast, designed by DPZ roughly a decade after Seaside. It stands essentially complete today, magnificent at sunrise and sunset in muted elegant hues of earth and coastal forest. …

Schooner Bay

Schooner Bay is reaching for greatness in so many ways, and is doing things that no other new town today is yet accomplishing. Designed by DPZ, it is one of the most sustainable places being built today. It exemplifies


Seaside changed American development in ways that were unimaginable when it was designed by DPZ in 1980. I remember the billboards you'd see on the way to the beach in the early years which simply said "Seaside - Come build a town with us."

South Beach

The "Billion-Dollar Sandbar" known today as South Beach (or SOBE for short) began in 1915 as a resort town built with a fabric of simple coral stone cottages. Most of those early structures were lost in the Great Miami Hurricane of 1926, just as the Art Deco movement was getting into full swing in the US. …

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