Alys Beach

Alys Beach is the third great paradigm of Design Coast architecture. Seaside set the first with its pastel clapboard buildings, and Rosemary Beach defined the second in deeper-hued wood upper levels set upon stuccoed masonry pedestals. Town Planner Andrés Duany had been looking for an architectural language that was more sustainable than what had been built along the Design Coast theretofore, especially in the face of the Gulf Coast's threats of hurricanes, heat, humidity, and termites. He also was looking for relief from the hyper-colorized exteriors of the rest of the Design Coast, so the white masonry walls and roofs of Bermudian architecture fit the bill. When you go to Alys Beach, the best parts aren't the ones you first see… as a matter of fact, you could miss them entirely. Be sure to get invited into a few of the hidden courtyards, which are absolutely stunning, and some of the best in the world.


Larry Davis

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