Schooner Bay

Schooner Bay is reaching for greatness in so many ways, and is doing things that no other new town today is yet accomplishing. Designed by DPZ, it is one of the most sustainable places being built today. It exemplifies Original Green principles as well as any new place built in our time, and is accruing a huge ecological dividend as a result. One of those Original Green principles is building smaller and smarter, with simple beach cottages built small enough that they can afford to be extraordinarily strong… so strong, in fact, that when Hurricane Irene's eye crossed Schooner Bay at her strongest point, there was essentially no damage. This event has come to be known as the Schooner Bay Miracle. Another Original Green principle is building nourishable places, and Schooner Bay does this in spades: not only is it an authentic fishing village, but it's also bordered by organic gardens, bringing both ocean and farm to table.


Chris Jenkins

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