Who We Are

Hi, we're Eric Moser, Julia Sanford, and Steve Mouzon, and we're the principals of Studio Sky, a design firm founded to build in a dramatically more sustainable way. Here are the ideals upon which we're building our business. We have worked in traditional neighborhoods for years, and seldom work anywhere else. Eric is Town Architect in Habersham, and has done dozens of houses there, but you're likely more familiar with him for his numerous homes and Idea Houses published in Southern Living and Coastal Living over the years. Julia has designed dozens of houses at Rosemary Beach, and has also designed a number of sets for some of Hollywood's most-loved Southern genre movies. Steve is an architect, author, photographer, and speaker. He founded the New Urban Guild, helped get the Katrina Cottages initiative started after Hurricane Katrina, and leads the Original Green initiative.


Wanda Mouzon

We are the gatekeepers tasked with making sure that the places listed here are true traditional neighborhoods, and the people listed here really know traditional neighborhoods. But the person with the passion that really keeps this community running is Wanda Mouzon. Wanda is a self-professed real estate fanatic, and has the amazing ability to know more about the real estate in a place less than 24 hours after getting her feet on the ground than almost anyone there except the real estate professionals. And if there's something you need to know about this community, here at My Traditional Neighborhood Home, then Wanda is definitely the person you should be in contact with.

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